I′m currently a Research Fellow at the University of Techology Sydney and Eindhoven University of Technology. In Sydney I′m part of the School of Software, while in Eindhoven I′m part of the Department of Industrial Design.

My work focuses on design-oriented research to support reminiscing and reflection in everyday life. My aim is to find out how we can employ personal digital media such as photos as cues for personal memories in everyday life. In my research, I use a combination of user-centred methods and designerly response elicitation (e.g., using probes and prototypes) to learn from people and inform the future design of interactive remembering support.

My work is part of the Materialising Memories project. Occasionally, I take to the team website′s blog to write on things related to my projects, so have a look!

Past interests

In earlier Master degree work I studied how people relate to affective computing, specifically whether technologically mediated communication of physiological signals such as heartbeats increase a sense of social connectedness between people. For this, I built on earlier work by researchers at the Human-Technology Interaction group at Eindhoven University of Technology.


  • User-centred design methods
  • Interaction design
  • Human-Computer Interaction
  • Memory and experience of remembering
  • Design thinking
  • Building interactive prototypes for user evaluation
  • Experimental psychology
  • Qualitative and quantitative data analysis and reporting


  • Co-supervised a TU/e Industrial Design MSc student during her semester-long research project.
  • Tutored (3x) Human-Centred Research Methods in the School of Software to 25-40 undergraduate and 30 postgraduate students.
  • Tutored (3x) Fundamentions of Interaction Design in the School of Software to 25-40 undergraduate and 30 postgraduate students.
  • Tutored (3x) Design Futuring studios in Interdisciplinary Design to 40+ 2nd year students.
  • Tutored Design Thinking in Interdisciplinary Design to 40+ 1st year students.
  • Tutored Design Thinking in Integrated Product Design to 25 1st year students.
  • Lectured on experimental psychology in design to Honours students.

Other activities

  • Associate Chair for peer reviews of CHI′16 Late-Breaking Work Design subcommittee, and TEI′19.
  • Reviewed for DIS, CHI, TEI, MobileHCI, CHIuXiD, CHINZ, and JOCCH.

Academic profiles



  • PosterZürn, X., Broekhuijsen, M., Gennip, D. van, Bakker, S., Zijlema, A., Hoven, E. van den. (2019). Stimulating Photo Curation on Smartphones. Poster at Conference on Human Information Interaction and Retrieval (CHIIR′19), 10-14 March 2019, Glasgow, Scotland, UK. [link / PDF]


  • Report(Eds) Hoven, E. van den, Kenning, G. and Gennip, D. van (2018). Materialising Memories: Design research to support remembering. Sydney, Australia: University of Technology Sydney, Australia and Eindhoven University of Technology, Netherlands. [link / PDF]
  • PhD ThesisGennip, D. van. (2018). Bringing Up The Past: Interaction Design for Serendipitous Reminiscing. PhD thesis. Eindhoven: Eindhoven University of Technology and University of Technology Sydney. ISBN 978-90-386-4500-1. [link / PDF]


  • WorkshopGennip, D. van., Orth, D., Imtiaz, M.A., Hoven, E. van den., and Plimmer, B. (2016). Workshop on Tangible Cognition: Bringing Together Tangible Interaction and Cognition in HCI. In Proceedings of the 28th Australian Conference on Human-Computer Interaction (OzCHI’16), 29 November – 2 December 2016, Launceston, Tasmania. [link / pdf]
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  • Conferencevan Gennip, D., Hoven, E. van den., Markopoulos, P. (2015). Things that Make Us Reminisce: Everyday Memory Cues as Opportunities for Interaction Design. In Proceedings of the 33th Annual ACM Conference on Human Factors in Computing Systems 2015 (CHI′15), 18-23 April 2015, Seoul, Korea, ACM Press. [link / pdf]
  • Presentationvan Gennip, D., Hoven, E. van den., Markopoulos, P. (2015). Intermediate Knowledge: A Bridge for Interaction Design to Other Disciplines. Presentation and paper in online proceedings of the CHI’15 Workshop on Knowledge Production in Interaction Design, 19 April 2015, Seoul, Korea. [pdf]


  • Presentationvan Gennip, D. (2014). Materialising Digital Memory Cues. Presentation as part of Materialising Memories symposium, held in the Faculty of Design, Architecture & Building, UTS, 26 September 2014, Sydney, Australia.


  • Presentationvan Gennip, D. (2013). Externalising memories: designing for digital mnemonic cue embodiment. Presented at Doctoral Consortium of OzCHI 2013, 25-29 November, Adelaide, Australia.


  • Master ThesisMaster Thesis Human-Technology Interaction. (2012). Social pulse: The effects of mediated heartbeat communication on social connectedness, liking and pro-social behaviour. Supervised by Wijnand A. IJsselsteijn & Daan van Bel. TU Eindhoven, the Netherlands. [link / pdf]


  • ProceedingsHaans, A., van Gennip, D., Ham, J., de Kort, Y. A. W., & Midden, C. J. H. (Eds.).Proceedings of Environment 2.0: The 9th Biennial Conference on Environmental Psychology, 26-28 September 2011, Eindhoven University of Technology, Eindhoven, The Netherlands. [link]


  • Posterde Kort, Y. A. W., Haans, A., Geerdinck, L., van Gennip, D., Horst, M., & Servaes, J. (2010). Psychological building blocks for dynamic road lighting: Understanding light’s role in feelings of safety at night. In M. Haverlag, G. M. W. Kroesen, & T. Taguchi (Eds.), (pp. 529–530). Poster at the LS-WLED conference, Eindhoven, the Netherlands.


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