Curriculum Vitae

Educational background in design and evaluation of intelligent product & systems design, with a focus on people′s experiences. My current interests lie with the combination of human behaviour and the accompanying role of technology. See also my profile on LinkedIn.


PhD in interaction design @ UTS, Sydney & TU Eindhoven

2013 – 2017

I am working within the Materialising Memories project, a joint research effort between UTS and Eindhoven University of Technology. The project’s aim is to develop innovative media products that support remembering and forgetting by using smaller numbers of more suitable media. My project intends to investigate the question of how recollection and reminiscence using digital memory cues such as photographs can be improved. I will study whether a remembering experience can be improved by extending digital mnemonic cues into everyday environments (instead of being hidden in digital storage). See also Research.

Master Human-Technology Interaction @ Technische Universiteit Eindhoven

2010 – 2012

During this Master I acquired knowledge on cognitive, social, and environmental psychology; decision making; perception; public opinion regarding technology; basics of artificial intelligence; embodied & embedded computing; and the use virtual environments for research purposes. My thesis was titled: Social Pulse; the effect of mediated heartbeat communication on social connectedness, liking, and pro-social behaviour. I graduated cum laude (average of 8.27/10, thesis 9/10).

Exchange School of ICT @ KTH Stockholm


International semester of TU/e MSc education. Focus on systems theory, distributed software systems, affective and ubiquitous presence of interactive technology. Average grade: A-.

Bachelor Industrial Design @ Technische Universiteit Eindhoven

2003 – 2010

During this design study I focused on learning to design interactive products, based on studies of users, sketching, modelling, and prototyping. Because progress was graded based on self-reflection on competencies, along with written assessments from supervisors, I cannot report grades for this study.

Pre-master for Human-Technology Interaction @ TU Eindhoven

2008 – 2009

To start my master course coming from a different bachelor course, I did several introductory subjects on psychology, cognition, perception, and technology & policy.

Exchange Industrial Design @ National University of Singapore


One semester exchange. Focus on interior design from an industrial design perspective, sustainability in design and cultural influence on designed artefacts. Average grade: B-.

VWO @ Mencia de Mendoza Lyceum, Breda

1997 – 2003

Secondary education. Followed the Nature & Technology track (primary subjects math, physics, and chemistry), with Management & Organisation, as well as Classical Cultural education as elective courses. Average grade: 8/10.

Professional experience

Activiteitenbegeleider Indoor Funcentre Breda (now Lot66)

2002 – 2010

Side job; Instructing and guiding customers with all activities, such as go-karting, wall climbing, laser tag, and sumo wrestling. Customer relation skills were core to the job, as was taking responsibility for company equipment (preventing abuse). I have co-written a handbook for fellow (new) activity guides, plus helped them familiarise with the job through on-hand guidance. The latter activity also put me in a role as ad-hoc teamleader for the team on duty (typically 4 to 5 people).


  • User experience research, both qualitative and quantitative.
  • Peolpe-centred design of products and services.
  • Interface and graphics design, using pen & paper, graphics applications, and 3D modelling software.
  • Software development in Java, Processing, Python, and javascript.
  • Web design, including HTML, CSS, Javascript, Perl, PHP en SQL.
  • Creating interactive prototypes, using sensors, actuators, and microcontrollers.
  • Languages: Dutch (native), English (native), some German and French.

Interests & hobbies

  • Cycling
  • Photography